A dash of history

Did you know that crystallised fruit was originally a "dry jam", that's to say a method for preserving the flesh of the fruit? With your Mastrad half-sphere mould you can make crystallised fruit that is perfectly round.

A spoonful of advice

Use the back of the mould to make caramel domes


  • Sturdy handless for steady handling (exclusive patent)
  • Flexible and nonstick mold
  • Fast and easy tu turn out
  • Withstands extreme temperatures


Chocolate shells with strawberry mousse


Dark chocolate, 400 g strawberries, 50 g fromage frais, 100 ml whipping cream, 3 eggs,
90 g icing sugar, 4 leaves of gelatine.


· For a perfect result begin by lightly buttering your mould to make un-moulding easier.
· Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.
· Using a brush, apply a thin layer of chocolate to the shells.
· Place the mould in the freezer for 10 minutes than repeat the operation
until you have a fairly thick layer, then set aside.
· Make the strawberry mousse:
- Soften the gelatine leaves in a bowl of cold water.
- Rinse the strawberries, hull them, then blend to obtain a coulis.
- Separate the eggs then mix the yolks with the strawberry coulis and set aside.
- Beat the whites until they have doubled in volume, add the sugar and continue
to beat until you get a firm meringue, then set aside.
· Boil the cream then add the squeezed out gelatine off the heat.
· Mix this cream with the strawberry coulis.
· Leave to cool for 10 minutes then gently fold in the egg whites.
· Un-mould the chocolate shells carefully then fill with the strawberry mousse.
For this delicate operation you can place your hands
in cold water in order not to melt the shells.
· Refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

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  • Color : Charcoal
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Temperatures : max + 428°F/min - 40°F
  • Material : 100% silicone premium
  • Reference : F43614